SKIP-Cymru© with Mentoring

Physical Literacy Wales

Early Childhood Motor Development – SKIP-Cymru© Training

Successful Kinaesthetic Instruction for Preschoolers (SKIP-Cymru©) has been running since June 2015. This course builds on our research which found that although children’s locomotor skills were developing well in Foundation Phase, their object control skills were not. Drawing on the work of our Honorary research fellow Dr Jackie Goodway, we have implemented SKIP-Cyrmu© to develop a deeper understanding of motor skill development to enable staff to alter the tasks and environment in schools to ensure children improve these skills.

We are currently training teachers, early years practitioners, and AYP officers in order to support young children’s motor development.


Dr. Nalda Wainwright

Director: of Wales Institute for Physical Literacy and Principal Lecturer: School of Sport Health and Outdoor Education.

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For further information, to book a place on a course or to arrange bespoke training please contact:


Kirsty Edwards

Physical Literacy Programme for Schools Manager
Phone: 07951067771