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Do you want to help your child become more active? 

WIPL works within a range of educational settings to promote and support the development of Physical Literacy.

Physical Literacy News & Blog

New Course Dates Have Been Added!

A new date has been added to our Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day) course. This course will be running on Friday 25th January in Swansea. To book a place on this course, click here or contact Kirsty Edwards for more details.

Getting Moving – Building Brain Power

If you have been giving your baby tummy time and plenty of opportunities for kicking and moving on the floor then you will notice increasing strength in their neck and shoulders. You will see that they are looking at toys and beginning to reach for objects. They will want to move […]

Getting Moving – Born to Move

Human babies are very helpless when they are born. Most mammals are able to walk almost straight away. Humans are born at this helpless stage of development because the human brain is so large that if the baby was more developed it would be too big for the mother to […]