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Do you want to help your child become more active? 

WIPL works within a range of educational settings to promote and support the development of Physical Literacy.

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Getting Moving – Born to Move

Human babies are very helpless when they are born. Most mammals are able to walk almost straight away. Humans are born at this helpless stage of development because the human brain is so large that if the baby was more developed it would be too big for the mother to […]

Getting Moving – Physical Literacy

You may or may not have heard of physical literacy. It is an idea that is becoming more popular with governments and sports in many countries. It is based on the idea that we as humans are one whole being and not a separate body and brain. ‘Of course we […]

girls swinging
Getting Moving

In my work I research how well children are learning to move and how we can develop programmes to help them. I study the links between moving and how well children learn and develop. When I run training sessions with teachers and parents they are always amazed by how important […]