Physical Education & Youth Sport

Using Sport Education for Developing Physical Literacy

Physical Education teachers in West Wales are undergoing training to deliver an approach in Physical Education known as ‘Sport Education’ . This approach has been widely used across the world and is supported by numerous research studies. You can find more information about sport education here. Look at our training courses pages for the details of our next course


Sport Education Training Course

This course aims to develop delegate’s knowledge and understanding of the Sport Education Model (Siedentop, 1995) as a delivery approach within the competitive activities area of experience of the National Curriculum. Sport Education (Siedentop, 1995) is an approach to teaching that provides all pupils with a holistic sporting experience, not usually achieved through traditional approaches to teaching competitive activities. It allows pupils to experience the affiliation, formal competition, seasons, culminating events and festivity associated with Sport. These are highly valued aspects of the sporting experience that not every pupil experiences during their school experiences.

The model can be used with a range of activities from racquet sports to team games. When delivered effectively, the model allows pupils to develop their physical skills alongside wider key skills such as communication, teamwork and thinking. Additionally, the course will highlight how ICT can be integrated to enhance pupil learning and learning experiences.

During the course, delegates will experience elements of the Sport Education model practically whilst also exploring the underpinning theory. This will provide teacher with a sound grounding to be able to successfully implement the approach in their schools.As part of the course, delegates will be supported in the planning and implementation of the Sport Education model with their classes. To that end, the challenges of implementing a new approach to delivery will be addressed. A follow up day will also be available to support teachers in using the approach.