Fitness Testing


High Performance Laboratory

The High Performance Laboratory offers a full range of fitness assessments. As a serious athlete you will spend hours training, competing and then working out how you can improve your performance. However effective and efficient training is impossible without a clear understanding of your current physical and physiological capacities. The assessments we offer are those used by top athletes all over the world specific to the sport you are competing in.

The data from your assessments will be fully explained, directly to yourself and in report format, enabling you to develop more effective training and performance strategies.

See below for Pricing and Plans.

Pricing and Plans

VO2 max

£150 with re test

This is a measure of your body’s ability to produce energy using aerobic pathways.Whilst your VO2max score is a good indicator of endurance capacity, submaximal values allow us to determine anaerobic threshold, energy utilisation and optimal training intensities.


VO2 max includes:

Maximal aerobic capacity; Maximal heart rate; Anaerobic threshold; Peak ventilation

Anaerobic power

£70 with re test

Success in many sports is dependent on the power you can produce to pedal, sprint and / or jump. Measuring your maximal power therefore allows you or your coach to determine whether you need to develop strength and speed or to coordinate these to generate your power. We can also look at your fatigue index which will provide a measure of how quick you tire when you are exercising at high intensity and over multiple efforts.


Peak Power includes:

Peak power; Relative power; Fatigue index; Unilateral and bilateral leg power

Body composition

£30 with re test

Athletes usually benefit from having low fat and good muscle mass. Without a detailed body composition analysis it is impossible to accurately determine the ratios of lean tissue to fat mass distribution. Body composition analysis therefore informs the need to increase muscles mass and reduce body fat and is used by the coach to monitor the effectiveness of training and dietary strategies.


Body compostion includes:

Percentage body fat; Lean tissue mass; Fat and lean mass distribution

Full aerobic evaluation

£160 with re test

Full Aerobic Assessment includes:

VO2 max; Respiratory exchange ratio; Sustained power output; Heart rate profile; Blood lactate evaluation

Team Testing

Price on request

Any combination of assessments suited to the nature of the sport


This may include:

Body composition; Maximal heart rate; Field test of VO2 max; Agility; Others on request…

Player performance profiling

Price on request

Full game heart rate profile, Heat map of player positions


Other tests on request