Creative Activities


It is important that Physical Education is creative and engaging for young people so they feel enthused and motivated to take up physical activity in a range of different forms throughout life. As a part of this, WAHPL have introduced circus skills into the curriculum in our project schools by working closely with No Fit State Circus and Circus Eruption.

Teachers have been trained to embed circus skills into their Physical Education and have seen pupils become highly engaged and enthusiastic. Some teachers have then gone on to mentor students here at UWTSD, as well as other teachers and parents in their region. WAHPL also work within the community to provide an exit route so pupils can develop their skills further at weekends and after school.

The aim is to develop circus as a new pedagogical model as a way to teach aspects of creative development in Physical Education so it becomes a regular part of the curriculum rather than just a one off project.

Dr. N. Wainwright

Director: Wales Academy for Health and Physical Literacy and Principal Lecturer: School of Sport Health and Outdoor Education.

Using Circus Skills for Developing Physical Literacy

Physical Education teachers in West Wales are following a six-day training course with No Fit State Circus to enable them to develop circus skills with pupils in their school PE.