A Parent’s Resource

Parental Engagement

Parents talking about the impact SKIP-Cymru© has had on their children. 

Active Families Pack

Contents of Active Families Pack

1x Hoop
1x Bean Bag
2x Spots
1x Fluffy Ball
1x Mini Tennis Racket
1x Scarf
1x Sensory Ball
Recording Sheet
Key Rings
Active Families Booklet

Parental Cards

Download our Parental Cards to use with your children at home. They have some brilliant ideas to use with your child to help them become more active at home. Each card has a simple explanation on how to play the game, what to look for to help your child improve, ways to make the game easier or harder and items from around the home that you could use.

M2U 1
M2U 2
React 1
React 2
Movie 1
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