Supporting Physical Development in Early Childhood Module


This module looks in depth into children’s physical development. In order to ensure that staff have the skills and confidence to embed the principles of SKIP-Cymru into practice, this 4 day training module runs over a term and incorporates workshops of theory and practical sessions with six weeks of practice and reflection in a setting. The module studies early childhood physical development and theories of motor development to ensure an in depth understanding of how movement relates to brain development, co-ordination, balance and competence. Staff will be able to understand how physical development is related to self perception and as such relates to both physical and mental health and well being.

To apply for the 4 day 20 credit module ‘Supporting Physical Development in Early Childhood’ please for an application form.

Applicants with a QTS do not have to complete the application form as their qualification automatically gives them entry to this module however please email to book onto the module.

January - March 2020

Day 1 & 2: 14th and 15th January 2020

Day 3: 12th February 2020

Day 4 (½ day): 16th or 17th March 2020 for practical assessment in setting

Day 4 (½ day): 18th March 2020 feedback and plenary

April - July 2020

Day 1 & 2: 28th & 29th April 2020

Day 3: 3rd June 2020

Day 4 (½ day): 29th or 30th June 2020 for practical assessment in setting

Day 4 (½ day): 1st July 2020 feedback and plenary


Kirsty Edwards

Physical Literacy Programme for Schools Manager
Phone: 07951067771