Physical Literacy News

WAHPL has recently held a fantastically successful 3 week summer school designed for students in the 2nd and 3rd years of their undergraduate studies at Hobart William Smith University in New York State, USA.

The summer school focused on exploring the stunning landscape of Wales through a range of different outdoor activities whilst learning more about the unique history and culture of this fantastic country. Highlights of the summer school included canoeing on the River Towy between Carmarthen and Llansteffan castle, traversing the cliff face into Paviland Cave on the Gower to learn more about the ‘Red Lady’ and what Wales would have been like 33,000 years ago and hiking and camping in Snowdonia to experience the special nature of Welsh life in the north of the country.

Watch the video below to get a real flavour of this summer school from a New Yorker’s perspective.


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