Active Families Pack

Feedback from Parents

“Eryn was very excited to bring the Active Families Pack home. We enjoyed doing the activities as a family.”

“If these activities were done over a longer length of time, either at home or in school, I know Eryn’s motor skills would improve a great deal! Also to be able to do this together made it much more fun.”

Parent from Meads Infants and Nursery, Milford Haven.

Keywords in the Story

“We had great fun with the items in the pack and it encouraged us to use our imagination in play!”

“Melissa was able to think of new games and she particularly liked competing against her mum and dad when throwing the bean bags on the sports and making a tally of the results, thus helping in other aspects of her learning.”

Parent from Meads Infants and Nursery, Milford Haven.

Alphabetical Order

“We certainly enjoyed using the activities contained in the pack, as a family! We enjoyed learning in a practical and physical nature and worked hard to complete the variety of movements and activities that were suggested.”

“We felt the project was incredibly beneficial to our son Alfie and we will continue to undertake many of the suggested tasks using apparatus that we have at home.”

Parent from Meads Infants and Nursery, Milford Haven.

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Examples of the recording sheet in action

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