The Importance of Moving in the Early Years

Moving in the Early Years

Children are not moving as much as they used to years ago. They are spending more time watching TV and playing on computer games, IPads and phones. Most journeys are in cars and they spend less time playing out in green spaces, chasing, climbing, building dens etc. Small children are spending more time in buggies and car seats as parents try to juggle busy lives and enjoy meeting up with friends in coffee shops rather than at the park.

This means that young children are not developing the physical skills that they need to be able to be physically active throughout life. We need to lay the foundations of good movement in the early years to create healthy behaviours at a young age. We know that learning to move is vital for children to be able to choose to be active as they get older. The brain also develops by having lots of stimulating physical and multi-sensory play so better movers are better learners.

The Wales Academy for Health and Physical Literacy runs training for teachers, teaching assistants, pre-school staff, coaches and parents to help develop understanding about how children learn important movement skills. The training draws on work from The Ohio State University that develops children fundamental motor skills and has been developed for 0-5 years olds, The Foundation Phase and for Outdoor Learning.

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